Why Upper Peninsula?

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Yes, business is great here. But more importantly, living is great here. Download our "Why Upper Peninsula" overview for a quick look at this region's abundant benefits—from a one-of-a-kind lifestyles, to STEM business and innovation, to details on our affordable cost of living.

Putting it all together in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

You’ll find boundless growth opportunities in the U.P.—both business and personal. We prioritize natural beauty and quality of life over the hustle and frenzy of metropolitan conveniences. Our companies value collaboration, hard work, innovation, and reliability. And our communities believe in great schools, welcoming neighbors, and an active lifestyle.

Looking for a place where you’ll love to both work and live? The U.P. is putting it all together for you.

Our vibrant, active communities ooze grit and determination. People here live strong in the natural beauty that surrounds them.

The U.P. workforce is rock-solid reliable. and ready to work. From manufacturing to high-tech STEM communities, the labor force is diverse and talented.

Friendly towards business and business growth, U.P. communities and their leaders are strong collaborators in growing the U.P.

Four universities and three colleges grow talent and spin up innovation.

Michigan offers a number of business loan programs, venture capital, incentives, and grants to meet your financing needs.

Businesses thrive in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
So do their people.