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The U.P. is not all about one city or location. It’s about cost-effective opportunities that give you access to technology, labor pools, international waterway transport and highways. Up here, every location has something special to offer.


The U.P. is growing! Our data center is loaded with information about our demographics and communities.

Data on the Upper Peninsula’s population, race, ethnicity, age, education, and languages spoken.

With 6 commercial and 23 private airports, 6 deep-water ports, 766 miles of commercial rail, and two days’ shipping to either coast, the Upper Peninsula is more accessible than you might think.

InvestUP exists to help U.P. business work. Our team and members are dedicated to helping businesses grow so that they can continue to invest in our U.P. communities.

A competitive workforce, affordable cost of living, and nature-based lifestyle are among the Upper Peninsula region’s distinct advantages.

A snapshot of State of Michigan legislation and insurance platforms. InvestUp works with state and local partners to tailor high-impact incentive packages that include financing, local tax incentives, and workforce development.

The Upper Peninsula has a strong network of local economic developers who can help you find the resources you need to start and grow a business.