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Living strong is easier in the U.P. than anywhere else.

The average commute time in the U.P. is 17 minutes. After work you are minutes from boundless activities on super clean water and in unspoiled forests.

People here embrace winter. In fact, many think 200” of snow a year isn’t quite enough.

People here celebrate summer. The sun is up so long we forget to get tired.


People here crave the Upper Peninsula’s rugged and remote location because it keeps them gutsy and pure. This makes grit and determination a common thread running through every U.P. industry – from fabricating metal for heavy machinery to developing electrospray plasma thruster technology for nano satellites. While mining, timber and water remain abundant, the U.P.’s most valuable natural resource is the character of its people.


Our region doesn’t have a big city. But our communities tend to have a little of everything and never a lot of chaos. You can live modern. You can live rustic. You can be an art and culture zealot or hang with wired high-tech gurus. Up here, there are a lot of people living life just the way they want to in a place they can’t replicate anywhere else. If you have to, you can reach Chicago, Detroit or Minneapolis in no more than a few hours by air. But you’ll always come back here to be yourself.

The Upper Peninsula combines outstanding business opportunity with the best of small town living. All at a much lower cost than most places in the country.

It’s rare to go anywhere without saying hello to someone you know. For people who call the U.P. home, this is one of the main reasons we live here.

The U.P. is far north, but more temperate than you might think. The region is buffered by Lake Superior to the north and Lakes Michigan and Huron to the south. We have beautiful winters and incredible summers.

Doctors and nurses are your neighbors and friends. Healthcare in the U.P. makes you a person first, not a number.


Three colleges produce graduates in technology, skilled trades, engineering, business, communications and education. High schools and elementary schools are nationally ranked.

The Upper Peninsula is jam-packed with events, art classes, and cultural experiences.  Local art is present in our communities, shops and landscapes.

The Upper Peninsula’s outdoor lifestyle attracts hundreds of young professionals each year. So it’s only natural that our communities have strong networking groups and programs just for you.

Access to the region’s universities, talented work force, and innovative communities make the U.P. a great place to build and grow your business.

Work where you want to live! Explore communities with the best tech jobs, start-up resources, and world-class trails. Start your journey here!

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