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advanced manufacturing

The Upper Peninsula’s world-class research universities foster innovation and new ideas, but the unique ingredient we offer is a manufacturing workforce heritage of grit and dependability.

building. making. growing

Hard work is part of the culture here, inspired by a passion for the outdoors and a rural pioneering spirit. Our workforce is diverse, ranging from engineers and IT professionals to skilled manual laborers. The common thread is a willingness to do what it takes to get the job done, with a focus on quality and integrity. Upper Peninsula products find their way around the world and advanced manufacturing continues to grow.

The U.P. is home to a wide range of “made in America” manufacturers that improve processes and products through the use of cutting-edge technologies.

Photo credit: Systems Control in Iron Mountain, Michigan.

U.P. companies manufacture mission-critical products that support industries like energy, defense, and medical devices.

Photo credit: Calumet Electronics in Calumet, Michigan.

U.P. manufacturers work hard to protect the region’s precious natural resources, focusing on sustainability, conservation and pollution prevention.

Photo credit: Northern Hardwoods in South Range, Michigan

The ever-growing list of U.P. products, from printed circuit boards to helicopters, can be found around the globe.

Photo credit: Enstrom Helicopters in Menominee, Michigan.