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WorkLiveUP job website rebranded, aiming to attract great people to work remotely in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

UPPER PENINSUA, Michigan (October 28, 2020) – Upper Peninsula communities are finding themselves among a handful of America’s small towns attracting remote workers. The demand for real estate is high and people are finding unique ways to balance excellent work and an unmatched quality of life.

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to travel across the United States and companies shift to remote work, employees find themselves looking to escape urban environments and relocate to rural areas that offer a safe and desirable lifestyle. The amenities that come with an urban lifestyle are no longer offered, leaving people to wonder, “What am I still doing here?”

WorkLiveUP is a dedicated job portal for U.P. companies and workers, operated by InvestUP. The website helps drive the strategic mission to attract and grow talent across the region. Starting in November, InvestUP is launching a WorkLiveUP campaign aiming to attract remote workers to the region who seek the best possible quality of life without compromising job opportunities. The campaign will highlight lifestyle advantages to downstate Michigan communities, Chicago, Madison, Fox Valleys and Minneapolis.

InvestUP CEO, Marty Fittante, says, “We often remind people, ‘Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life from which you don’t need to escape.’” He continues, “The implications of COVID are proving the wisdom of this adage true – there is no escaping from the fact that the U.P. is uniquely blessed with a balance that is equal parts safe, scenic, affordable and adventurous, making it the ideal place from which to work remotely.” allows job seekers to view and apply for an unlimited number of openings in specific markets and industries. The website also promotes the region’s communities and industries, includes a large photo gallery and information on the region.

“We’ve already seen a growing trend of remote workers relocating to the Upper Peninsula from U.S. cities. This trend will continue and lifestyle will be our region’s great competitive advantage into the future” explains Karyn Olsson, CEO of Marketing Department, Inc. and InvestUP Executive Board Member. “The expansion of the WorkLiveUP website and the work-remote trend allows the U.P. region to capitalize on this opportunity.” Employers are encouraged to list their available job opportunities, free of cost at

As a part of our commitment to the Upper Peninsula, we collaborate with partners to share some of the most compelling stories about business and job growth across the region. Our goal through these stories is to get at the heart of what makes the U.P. unique — and to ensure these stories travel beyond our peninsula and broadly illustrate why the UP is the place to live and work.

If you have an idea for an article, please contact a staff or board member at InvestUP.

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