Michigan’s Upper Peninsula COVID-19 Facts Update

More Beauty, with 1,700 miles of Great Lakes shoreline.

More Opportunity, with 4 universities, 4 community colleges, 3 SmartZones, and only one of two regions in the state designated as Phase 5 for doing business during the pandemic.

More Inviting, with over half a million vehicles crossing the Mackinac Bridge on just the weekends since the U.P. reopened Memorial Day weekend (with another 65,419 vehicles this past weekend.)1

Less Cases:
Despite being open for Phase 5 business and the visitor and commercial traffic that has come with it, thanks to our natural environment and commitment to safety protocols and practices, the U.P.:

Sees COVID-19 remain in a very manageable condition, with only 343 cases in the region and only 3 deaths since the U.P. was able to re-open for business in May. Statewide during the same time, there have been 859 deaths and this week alone, 973 reported cases.2

Continues to see a very low average daily infection rate at less than 0.5% of the State’s total daily infection rate.3

Has had 98.8% of all the diagnostic tests completed in the U.P. test negative, which is 2.5 times lower than the 3% positive test baseline for which Health Departments strive.4 Conversely, the State as a whole has seen 4% of diagnostic testing result in positive tests every day since July 13th (with the highest being 4.9% on July 27).5

Has, once again, (On July 29) had ZERO patients in the ICU, ZERO patients on a ventilator, and ZERO patients even hospitalized.6

Has (as of July 29, 2020) only 95 active cases (while there are 5,552 current, active cases in the Lower Peninsula, with almost 60% of U.P. cases confined to three of its counties.7

Has one-third of all its counties presently reporting zero active cases. Half of all U.P. counties have experienced less than 15 total cases, while only two of the 68 counties in the Lower Peninsula have seen less than 15 total cases.8

Has had fewer cases in total (451) since a state of emergency was declared than the Lower Peninsula had in a single day last week (537).9

Has thankfully not seen a single COVID-19 related death since June 26. In fact, even with the three-week trend in increasing cases, the mortality rate is less than 0.3% of the Lower Peninsula’s mortality rate.10

Has had only 5 of its 15 counties experience a COVID-19 related death, and only 1 of those 5 counties has had more than 3 deaths. In fact, the Lower Peninsula suffered half the deaths (9) in one day this week (July 27) than the U.P. has seen in total (18).11

Has, as a result, plenty of treatment capacity, such as 704 total hospital beds and 96 ventilators.12

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