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More than 70 cybersecurity industry professionals from across the state and 130 students and educators gather at U.P. Healthcare Cybersecurity Summit and NMU Cybersecurity Symposium in Upper Peninsula

Event addresses cybersecurity priorities and opportunities for continued growth

On Friday, November 8 more than 70 professionals from across the State who work in cybersecurity, healthcare, or education gathered on the campus of Northern Michigan University (NMU) to attend the U.P. Healthcare Cybersecurity Summit. The Summit focused on aligning security efforts with broader organizational objectives ranging from patient care to financial growth to device connectivity. Key topics included:

-Importance of a holistic and comprehensive approach to business aligned security;

-Workforce outlook and how to train and grow a cybersecurity workforce;

-Opportunity to engage with legislators and key representatives of the State.

In most industries, cybersecurity strategies are one of the biggest priorities. Cyber is especially critical in the healthcare industry which handles everything from patient healthcare records to pharmacy records. The expanding threats of cyber-attacks due to increased connectivity are leading industry professionals to inspect and address these issues.

In addition, conversations were held to address the Upper Peninsula healthcare security landscape and identify opportunities for collaboration as well as workforce needs and trends. One of the best displays of the future of the cyber workforce was the 130 7th through 12th grade students and educators from 22 school districts across the Upper Peninsula. Bryan DeAugstine, Superintendent of NICE Community Schools, explained, “As educators, we are always thrilled when our students are offered the opportunity to get out in the field and interact with adults in industries the kids find interesting. It’s invaluable for them to engage with professionals who can give them real-world feedback about the career paths our students are exploring. This event is a great example of private industry partnerships that are growing across the Upper Peninsula.”

The students and educators attended to kick-off of the NMU Cybersecurity Symposium where they enjoyed hands-on opportunities to learn more about hacking and security threats. The students shared lunch with industry professionals from the conference and heard from professionals with IBM as well as the FBI.

“We had an outstanding turnout between the two events. To hold both events in conjunction with each other was a success for everyone as students and teachers got to network with cybersecurity professionals in the field, along with local and national vendors,” shared Lee Marana, Security Administrator, Upper Peninsula Health Plan.

Michigan is home to the largest concentration of electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineers in the nation – providing resources and talents that make Michigan cybersecurity businesses thrive. The Upper Peninsula provides viable opportunities for cybersecurity jobs, due to the four universities, three Smartzones, three community colleges, and robust fiber deployment.These assets, in conjunction with the U.P. Healthcare Cybersecurity Summit, continue to inspire opportunity among education, industry, community, and State partners in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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