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InvestUP is Hiring: Director of Business Development

InvestUP is a private sector-led economic development organization strategically focused on driving economic growth across Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula, which is paradise for those longing for experiential living, with a natural, stunning, rugged landscape to thrill the adventurer in you, but the safety, sense of community and excellent education that your more sensible side seeks. 

Founded by leading private sector businesses across the region, as well as the region’s three universities, InvestUP’s mission is to deliver business and job growth across the Peninsula. The organization is seeking a motivated, passionate, professional, and experienced individual to serve as a resource to private sector businesses to foster economic development by stimulating business retention, expansion, and capital investments throughout the Upper Peninsula.

The Director of Business Development will work closely with businesses, developers, and government to generate economic development opportunities for the region.  The ideal candidate is a results-driven, strategic thinker with a strong track record of understanding business needs, issues and opportunities, as well as a solid understanding of local, state, and federal business resources. 

To be successful in this dynamic role, it will be critical to build and maintain relationships with the business community throughout the Upper Peninsula and assist the organization with its mission of business expansion, attraction, and retention. The Director of Business Development will work with the leadership of the organization to help shape and promote the culture of economic development for the Upper Peninsula.  The Director of Business Development must possess a strong sense of commitment and teamwork, passion and vision, and the desire to help change and impact the region’s economic prosperity. 

This position reports to the InvestUP Chief Executive Officer.


The key responsibilities for the Director of Business Development shall include:

Serving as a business liaison for companies looking for support for growth or expansion;

Proactively meeting with local companies, including in partnership as needed with local, state and federal partners, to address issues of business concern and describe the services and strategic assets of InvestUP;

Facilitating access to various municipal resources for businesses, such as tax abatement and site enhancements;

Fostering and seeking ways to network businesses to address common needs, interests and opportunities throughout the Upper Peninsula.

Understanding the needs, interests, and opportunities of businesses, and through that understanding, recommending responsive strategies, including ensuring that companies are aware of and actively use InvestUP to connect with other businesses and collaborative, supportive local partners to capitalize on those common needs, interests and opportunities.

Providing site selection information and other resources for prospective businesses interested in moving to or growing in the Upper Peninsula.

Establishing and maintain relationships with service providers engaged in this space;

Identifying and participating in appropriate professional events that attract businesses or site-consultants, especially those that that align with InvestUP’s target business expansion strategies for the Upper Peninsula;

Positioning the Upper Peninsula as an optimal destination for businesses; and

Developing and deploying strategies that will attract industries to the Upper Peninsula.


The annual salary will be based on the knowledge, experience and abilities the candidate possesses.  However, the salary is targeted to range between $50,000 to $100,000.  In addition, the successful candidate can expect a comprehensive benefit package that includes medical insurance, retirement benefits, paid holidays, paid vacation, a travel budget, and a cell phone.


The successful candidate will possess:

A Bachelor’s degree or higher, or equivalent experience;

An understanding of private sector business development philosophies and practices with a focus on key industries such as, manufacturing, mining, land management, medical device, and STEM;

Five years’ experience in economic/business development with an outstanding track record of success and an understanding of results and deliverables;

A proven record of experience owning the entire business development cycle: sourcing, pitching, negotiating, closing, and on-boarding;

The ability to structure and execute proposals that may include term sheets, drive contract negotiations, and build joint business plans with partners;

A proven ability to open doors, network, and forge relationships with public and private capital sources;

Excellent listening, communication, presentation, problem solving, and time management skills with a record of sound business logic; and

A willingness and ability to travel.  Applicants can live and work from essentially anywhere in the Upper Peninsula. This job will require regular travel across the Upper Peninsula, including some regular (minimum weekly) travel to Marquette, which is where the InvestUP office is located.

No calls or walk-ins please.  To apply, please email a cover letter, resume and references to Marty Fittante, CEO, InvestUP in care of:

Deadline to apply:  April 22, 2019.

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If you have an idea for an article, please contact a staff or board member at InvestUP.

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